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Jade Beaumont Empty Jade Beaumont

on Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:34 pm
Jade Beaumont Jade10

Name: Jade Beaumont

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Mutant Powers: Energy Blasts and Energy Shields

Appearance: Jade stands at about 5'7" with long, dark brown hair that naturally falls in soft waves. She has large, brown eyes that almost seem to have flecks of gold in them when the light hits them at the right angle. She is well fit without being overly muscular. Her body is not unblemished though and she does bear scars from her life living on the streets and also scars from where her father used to burn her with his cigarettes.

Personality: Jade has come a long way since her time living on the streets. When she first came to the mansion she was untrusting and extremely standoffish. Over time she has learned to trust, though that trust still does not come easy with her. However, once someone has it they have it for life. Jade can still be hard-headed and stubborn at times, but she knows to provide a good example for the younger students in the mansion, whom she cares for deeply. The mansion has become her home and those that live there her family and she would die to protect both.

Background: Jade was born in a rough part of the borough of Brooklyn to a young mother and father who was both a drunk and a drug addict. Some of Jade's earliest memories were of her father abusing her mother. When Jade was 7 her mother finally had enough of the abuse and left her husband...but she also abandoned Jade. The young girl then became the sole outlet for her father's drunken rage. She was abused verbally, physically, and sexually. Finally, one night when she was 13 her father came home wasted and attempted to sexually assault her. Jade began to fight back, which only enraged him further and he began to choke her. In a moment of pure terror her mutation was unleashed and an energy burst erupted from her body and sent her father flying back through the kitchen wall. Jade was left in shock, but quickly fled as she was unsure if her father was still alive or not. She had no money and no where else to go so she began living on the streets. It was an extremely difficult life, but compared to what she had come from it was a life Jade preferred. Everyday was a struggle to survive, but Jade quickly figured out what she needed to do. She became an expert pickpocket and thief and carved out a territory of her own.

She soon came to Professor Xavier's attention through Cerebro and he sent Logan out to find her. Jade didn't trust anyone and it took Logan 6 months to build up a relationship with her before she even agreed to come to the mansion and meet Professor Xavier. She had been attempting to teach herself how to control her powers, which they discovered were energy blasts and shields, but was in need of more guided training. Her powers used the energy from her body and would subsequently leave her drained. Under Xavier's guidance she quickly excelled in her training and finally agreed to come and live at the mansion permanently. It took her months to get used to the soft beds and never ending supply of food. Dr. Hank McCoy put her on a strict diet for the first year she was there to get her body back to health and she began a training regime with Logan. Logan took a liking to Jade and the two of them formed a very close bond. In a strange way she almost became like his adopted daughter. He looked after her and she found she could talk to him more easily than anyone else in the mansion. Because she had a bit of a wild streak in her she would sometimes "borrow" his motorcycle and take it for a joyride, but he never became too upset with her over it.

Recently, Jade had been made a full fledged member of the X-Men team.
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